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I’m Jack Thurston, Sorcerer and Fictional Character.

I am the protagonist in the short stories “Sorcerer” and “Sorcerer’s Return” by Phil Slattery.

I am a widower, retired medievalist, and until recently, a retired sorcerer.  I love researching the history of Germany, the Loudun possessions (France), & John Dee (English).  I am a fan of Joseph Campbell; Sir James George Frazer;  my daughter, who passed away tragically in childbirth only recently; and my brother, who also died tragically and not long after my daughter.  Those who I hold responsible have paid the price for their sins, though, had I my way, they would pay it over and over ad infinitum.

This blog and others on WordPress, Twitter, and Facebook (and possibly more to come) are an experiment in developing a fictional character by bringing me to life on social media as if I were a real person.  Please interact with me as if I were real and I will respond accordingly.  I will post and answer questions about the experiment and about myself.  On this blog and the others I choose and post/repost/retweet the topics that interest me and about my tragic life in the stories.  “Sorcerer” was originally published in 2016 in “Creepy Campfire Quarterly” and also appears in my short story collection “A Tale of Hell and Other Works of Horror”, which is available in hard copy and as an e-book from Amazon (the hard copy is way too expensive; buy the e-book or get it on KindleUnlimited).   More information on Phil’s works is available on his weblog at philslattery.wordpress.com.