What Is Numerology — MaggieHolbik.com

When I first learned of this ancient science, my life truly changed for the better. I remember the moment distinctly. Someone sent me this: “Those on the 30/3 life path are here to work through issues of expression and sensitivity, overcoming self-doubt to express themselves and use their inner gifts to encourage, uplift, and inspire […]... Continue Reading →


Let’s talk about the concept of therianthropy, “Otherkin”, souls vs body, Egregoric forms, and Deific masks: — Occult Kitten

Originally posted on Occula Dreamer: What are therianthropy and “other kin”? Therianthropy is described as having the spirit or soul of an animal living within a human vessel(body). “Other kin” is the same principle but with the soul or spirit of a mythological creature. These people don’t just identify with these beings they spiritually ARE… via... Continue Reading →

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